Sarasota Internet Sex Stings…..Will they ever end?

Over this past Weekend, there were a number of arrests for traveling to meet a minor and Internet solicitation of a minor.  The truth is, there were no minors….There never are.

The Sarasota Sheriff does this about twice a year targeting the “low hanging fruit” by going on the Internet dating sites, pretending to be an adult and then in classic bait and switch luring unsuspecting men into compromising conversations with undercover detectives In Sarasota County, you will get arrested for just chatting with a minor, much less meeting one.  What drives this is the creation of statistics.  Law enforcement creates a crime by luring and seducing unsuspecting men into chatting with undercover detectives.  All of this begins with the police posting false profiles on adult sites, pretending to be a woman of legal age. Once the chats begin and the bait is taken, the detectives then claim to be underage saying “I hope you are not mad, I am really 13 or 14”.  They will then hint that they are not really very experienced and pretend that they need an older guy to teach them about sex.  Sadly weak men succumb to this temptation and continue to chat.  The detectives immediately try to get them to text.  The undercover cops are really good at walking that fine line between legitimate law enforcement and EntrapmentIt is the police doing the luring and seducing 90% or the time. 

News Flash!  There are no real 14 year old girls on the Internet that want to chat or talk with older men.  It is always the police running their bait and switch scam.  The simple answer is, that no man should ever text or chat with any minor about anything, much less sex.  You can’t get arrested if you don’t commit a crime.  The second anyone ever even hints they are underage, terminate all contact.  Even if the undercover chatter texts you back “you are really cute”, block them and terminate all contact.  There are no young girls on the Internet that want to have anything to do with you.  Why would they?  There are tons of teenage boys already chasing them.  Never talk on the computer or cell phone with anyone underage for any reason.  There is never a good reason for a twenty or thirty year old guy talking with a girl in middle school or high school.  They don’t call it “jail bait” for nothing.  No matter how tempting it sounds, do not think for a second it is real.  Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity will land you in State prison and make you a registered sex offender and land you on a decade of Sex offender probation.  Young girl plus texting equals jail…..always.

If you have a relative arrested in one of these stings, do not be mad and do not write them off.  Chances are, it was the police preying on their weakness.  I have defended autistic young men who simply do not know better I have defended lonely college kids who are naïve and desperate for any girl to talk to them or pay attention to them.  Desperate young men do desperate things.  If you have a son who is introverted or vulnerable, educate them to the dangers of the Internet.  We used to think we had to protect our daughters from the Internet predators.  Now you have to think about protecting your sons from the Police Internet predators.  They prey on naïve young insecure introverted men in their early twenties.  Don’t you think the police should concentrate on the real predators?  How about going to schools and lecturing on the dangers of the Internet. 

Here is another great danger.  Never send a pic of your penis to anyone, much less someone who pretends or claims to be underage.  Most adult women are not impressed….”seen one, seen um all”.  It is not like your dick has personality.  If a chatter suggests a nude pic or a dick pic, never, no never send one.  There is another scam going around where scammers trick someone into sending a pic and then try and shake you down for money pretending to be a detective.  I get about one call a week from guys that are being extorted by scammers.  The Internet is a dangerous place and you put yourself at great risk for even texting or chatting with anyone who claims to be underageHere in Sarasota, the State Attorney will even request arrest warrants for people who simply chat or text and then refuse to travelYou can get arrested in Sarasota for simply texting, even if you are pretty sure it is an adult.  As a sex sting lawyer, I have handled over forty cases and never once was there a real child in danger.  You need to really read up on what is happening es el último sitio de conexión de ICAC Internet Sex Sting

Peter D Aiken
Sex Crimes Attorney


Desde que los federales cerraron Craigslist Casual Encounters y, los detectives encubiertos de ICAC han estado luchando para crear arrestos. En los últimos años, las fuerzas de trabajo de ICAC usaron Craigslist como la única forma de atrapar a los hombres inocentes con su cebo y cambiar a Internet Sex Stings. Esto ha reducido dramáticamente el número de arrestos en todo el país y particularmente en Florida. No han corrido una de las picaduras normales aquí en Sarasota en bastante tiempo. Los números de arresto han bajado y se puede esperar que la policía invente una nueva forma de atraer a hombres sin sospechar a situaciones comprometedoras.

Los otros sitios de redes sociales ahora están siendo atacados. El sitio número uno que están usando es ¿Alguna vez leyó las “Reglas de uso” para Se supone que debes ser mayor de 18 años para estar en este sitio. Los detectives encubiertos ahora están publicando perfiles que infringen directamente las reglas de uso. Publican fotografías de edad avanzada de mujeres jóvenes atractivas, a veces con poca ropa y frases sugerentes. Cuando un hombre responde, ellos hacen el “cambio” y dicen algo como “Sólo tengo 15 años”. Si alguien en dice que tiene menos de 18 años, puedes apostar, es un policía encubierto. La mejor manera de no ser arrestado es no cometer un delito. Nunca hables con alguien que diga que son menores de edad. Nunca, nunca, envíe una fotografía sexualmente explícita a menores de 18 años.

Como abogado de delitos sexuales, he manejado más de 40 casos de estas redadas en toda la Florida. Se supone que la policía está apuntando a hombres que atacan a niños. Lamentablemente, es la aplicación de la ley que se dirige a los hombres inocentes y solitarios. Los policías son los que atraen y seducen. Aquí en Sarasota y el condado de Manatee, las estadísticas están muy bajas y les recuerdo a todos, nunca conversen con nadie a menos que estén seguros de que son adultos. No se deje hablar en un chat con un menor de edad. ¡No lo hagas!

La policía también está atacando los sitios de escolta restantes, particularmente en el condado de Polk y en el área de Orlando y Daytona. Normalmente, solo es un delito menor tratar de conectar con una prostituta. Sin embargo, si la prostituta encubierta afirma que ella tiene 14, 15 o 16 años de edad, termine todos los contactos. No lo llaman “cebo de la cárcel” por nada. Si tienes preguntas acerca de las tácticas de picadura sexual o desea hablar o agregar información de una experiencia personal, no dudes en llamar al
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Ever since the Feds shut down Craigslist Casual Encounters and, undercover ICAC detectives have been struggling to create arrests. In past years, the ICAC task forces routinely used Craigslist as there number one way of entrapping unsuspecting men with their bait and switch Internet Sex Stings. This has dramatically reduced the number of arrests nationwide and particularly here in Florida. They have not run one of the normal stings here in Sarasota in quite a while.

Arrest numbers are down in internet stings and you can expect law enforcement to dream up some new way to entice unsuspecting men into compromising situations.

The other Social Media sites are now being targeted. The number one site they are using is Did you ever read the “Rules of Use” for You are supposed to be over 18 to be on this site. The undercover detectives are now posting profiles that are in direct violation of the rules of use. They post age regressed photographs of attractive young women, sometimes scantily clad with suggestive catch phrases. When a man responds they do the “switch” and say something like “I am only 15”. If anyone on ever says they are under the age of 18, you can bet, they are an undercover cop. The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime. Never chat with anyone that says they are a minor. Never, no never, send a sexually explicit photograph to anyone under 18.

As a sex crime lawyer, I have handled over 40 Internet Sex Sting cases all over Florida. The police are supposed to be targeting men who target children. Sadly, it is law enforcement that is targeting innocent lonely men. The police are the ones doing the luring, seducing and enticing. Here in Sarasota and Manatee County the statistics are way down and I remind everyone, never chat with anyone unless you are positive they are an adult. Do not get talked into chatting with a minor. Do not do it!
Police are also targeting the remaining escort sites, particularly in Polk County and in the Orlando and Daytona area. Normally it is only a misdemeanor to try to hook up with a prostitute. However, if the undercover prostitute claims she is 14, 15 or 16 years old, terminate all contact. They don’t call it jail bait for nothing.

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Defending against the “lie” in a sex case

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Defending a sex crime case is not easy. The deck is stacked against you because generally, people start off believing the accuser. It the accuser is a child, most of the time the cops start off biased, your family does not believe you, the prosecutors detest you and the judges punish you with a ridiculous bond before you are even convicted.

Many criminal defense lawyers are not experienced in defending sex crime allegations. Sex crimes like statutory rape, sexual battery or lewd and lascivious acts involve a one on one, “he said, she said” situation. The simple truth is that many times the sex crime charge is simply not true. Being simply accused can ruin your life. For that reason, if you are “under investigation” you absolutely should hire a really qualified sex crime lawyer, before you make any statement, before your allow any search, or before you give anyone access to your computer or cell phone.

I have seen some lawyers give people horrible advice. Some people, thinking they are doing the right thing, delete texts, erase pictures or videos or destroy evidence. Many times that hurts and does not help their case. Don’t do anything until you get good advice from a lawyer that knows how to defend a sex crime.

Over the years, I have handled lots of cases involving step daughters or teen age girls making false accusations. I have handled cases where a “soon to be ex-wife” has her daughter make up a story to get the upper hand in a nasty divorce. A false accusation of child sex abuse will always result in the guy getting thrown out of the house and a no contact order being entered. A teenage girl is the most manipulative creature on the planet and news flash…teenage girls lie.
Challenging a lie and attacking credibility is a skill some lawyers lack. There are ways to attack credibility. There are ways to show an accuser’s motive to lie. There are ways to create inconsistent statements. There are ways to create reasonable doubt. Children do make up stuff. Keep in mind that a six or seven year old still believes there is a Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. A manipulative spouse or girlfriend may manipulate the child into actually believing something happened, when it really did not. Women sometimes use their kids as pawns in a vindictive manner to punish a spouse or boyfriend out of jealously or rage. Sometimes, it is for money or to get the house or most often “custody” of the child.

Most good sex crime lawyers will give you a free consultation…Talk to a good lawyer before doing anything

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Another Prostitution Sting on North 41 in Sarasota

Peter D Aiken
Sex Crimes Attorney

July 4 2018

There was another token prostitution sting just north of downtown Sarasota this week and five men were arrested. In the stings, undercover police female officers pretend to be street walkers luring men to stop for a quickie. Who is doing the real “solicitation”? Most often it starts with a wink or a wave by the prostitute and the “john” and the undercover officer chat. Who really brings up sex? Who brings up money? Is the police conduct entrapement? Most of the time, it is out of town guys that get arrested. If they own the car they are driving, the police seize it. These token busts accomplish nothing.

Prostitution should be legal

I understand why business owners and residents do not want prostitutes walking up and down the street. The simple answer is to legalize prostitution. If there were legalized houses of prostitution where the girls were medically cleared, where it was safe and sanitary, were the girls were documented legal, it would put an end to illegal prostitution. It would put an end to human trafficking. After all, it is the world’s oldest profession. Over the years, as a criminal defense lawyer, I have represented many men whose lives have been affected by these senseless arrests. Is the police conduct entrapement?Often it is but most men cannot afford to spend the money on a lawyer to fight the case. With a wave, a wink or the nod of the head, these undercover female detectives can ruin a man’s life.

These arrests give the public a phony impression that prostitution will be stopped. It never will.

The way to reduce crime is to make fewer things a crime.

Cops Grinding up Gays on Grinder

Peter D Aiken
Sex Crimes Attorney and Sex Sting Lawyer

May 23 2018

Cops Grinding up Gays on Grinder

The new Federal Law imposing criminal liability on sites that allow and promote prostitution has had a big impact on the ICAC Internet Sex Stings.

The cops can no longer use Craigslist Casual Encounters or Backpage in their bait and switch sex stings. So what sites are they using?

In the last week many of the men arrested were on, a predominantly gay hookup site. The cops are running the basic same sting but instead of using the ploy of an underage female, they are pretending to be “twinks” (young gay men or teens) or pretending to be young men “curious” about their sexual identity. It has been a bonanza for law enforcement with arrests in both Lee and Sarasota County. Bottom line is stay off of Grinder. Do not under any circumstances ever communicate with anyone that even hints they are underage. Do not even chat, text or talk. If you don’t commit the crime, you don’t have to worry about doing time.

As a sex crime lawyer and sex sting lawyer I follow the law enforcement trends. You can expect more arrests of gay men, now that the undercover chatters can’t use Craigslist. The police are also going on the regular sites like and They are posting false profiles at first pretending to be of legal age. The simple answer is to go back to meeting and dating before the Internet. In person, what you see is what you get. On the Internet, everyone lies. The number one lie is gender. The number two lie is age and the number three lie is looks. Don’t fall for the ploy and get arrested. Demand proof of age, verifiable proof of age. Think twice before you get tempted. They don’t call it jail bait for nothing

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Is Law Enforcement running Child Porn Reverse Sex Stings?

Peter D Aiken
Sex Crimes Attorney

March 22 2018

For years I have suspected that local law enforcement agencies linked to the FBI have been running Child Porn sex stings. I am beginning to think it is true.

Are undercover chatters giving people links to child porn sites and then arresting them when they go there?

Are undercover detectives trolling the Internet and providing people with “Peer to Peer” linking to sites that contain or link to other people’s computers that have child porn, and then busting them?

Law enforcement has a library of “existing child porn” and each video has a fingerprint “hash value”. It would be so easy for law enforcement to simply stop child porn by prohibiting Internet service providers from transmitting known images. It could be stopped instantly. Instead, ICAC gets reports from the provider when the image is transmitted to an IP address. Why not just stop the transmission to begin with? Peer to Peer Internet kiddie porn could be stopped instantly by blocking the transmission of a known image. Instead, the providers lets it go through, then gives the address to law enforcement and they then go arrest the people who receive it.

Sometimes a person gets child porn by accident while looking at adult porn. They may click on an icon. They will get a prompt that tells them to look at the icon they have to click on a program to view it. When they do click, a peer to peer file sharing program is downloaded into their computer. Once that happens, law enforcement has instant access to the contents of your computer and can come into your computer without you knowing it. The “Peer to Peer” programs automatically default to “share” without your knowledge and instantly law enforcement can come into your computer.

Child Porn could be stopped instantly with legislation forcing the provider’s to tag and block known hash value videos and pictures. The answer is so simple. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Until then, never download a peer to peer sharing program. No one wants to accidently become a registered sex offender and go to prison. My advice, simply never use peer to peer programs for even a legitimate reason on your computer.

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The answers to these and other questions may hold the key to a successful defense. Successful defense requires thorough investigation, knowledge of the law and experience.

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Peter Aiken has represented many people like you — people who made a momentary bad decision or who were entrapped by police. His job is to protect your rights and minimize the inconvenience, embarrassment and penalties you incur.

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Teenage girls and the “me too” syndrome

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December 29 2017

Every day DCF and the police get calls and reports about or from teenage girls who claim they have been molested by a step dad, a neighbor or a grandfather. A teenage girl living with a new stepdad, often misses her biological father and is upset because her mom is with someone new. Simply falsely accusing the new “dad” of some type of molestation or sexual act, in her mind, will have dramatic consequences. We all know how teenage girls love drama. The false accusation makes them the immediate focus of everyone’s attention. They get taken to the DCF office for a child protection team interview. Everyone instantly believes they are a “victim” and from that moment on, they are called the victim. The police investigators assume the “victim” is telling the truth and set about to prove it is the truth. Often it simply is not the truth.

If a man is falsely accused of a sex crime, he is the true victim. A false accusation that leads to a false arrest for sexual battery, a lewd and lascivious act, or some similar sex crime has life changing consequences. A person’s good name and reputation is trashed forever. Their photograph is posted on Most often, a ridiculously high bond is set. The person is fired from their job, their friends and relatives abandon them. All of this can be based on what a teenage girl says, with no real proof. The police are supposed to be fair. The prosecutors are supposed to be fair. The judges are supposed to be fair. This however is real life, and life is not fair. If you have been falsely accused or find yourself under investigation you need to lawyer up ASAP. Never submit to an interview without talking to a really good sex crime lawyer. Initial consultations are free and it may be the most important conversation you have ever had with anybody. The cops are masters of interrogation and most times, the person being questioned does not even realize they are the subject of the investigation. Never surrender you phone, computer or password without talking to a lawyer. Never consent to a search without talking to a criminal attorney. The bottom line is clam up and lawyer up.

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Falsely accused of a sex crime

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That could never happen to me. Or so you think.

We live in dangerous times and the “Me Too” movement has made it even worse. All it takes is a false accusation to ruin your life and your reputation forever. It may be an accusation from decades ago, and if the alleged crime involved a minor, you could find yourself arrested and facing trial for what an adult now says happened to them decades ago. If you even get a hint you are under investigation for something that happened years ago, contact a qualified and experienced sex crime lawyer immediately. It has become increasingly popular for women to “come forward” with accusations about things they claim happened to them when they were a child or teenager. An adult woman can be in counseling or therapy for drug use or some psychological problem and talk about events from years past and the counselor is under and obligation to make a report.

Things have a way of spinning out of control and before you know it, a major criminal investigation can be underway.

When there is an accusation about an alleged prior child molestation or a child sex offense, the detectives almost always have the purported victim make a “controlled call” where a recording is secretly being made to try and elicit an admission. They will have the “victim” try and trick the person she has accused into making an admission. Most of the time, the accuser is a relative or close family friend who claims to have been sexually abused in the past. If you get a call out of the blue, from someone you knew in the past, and the call sounds suspicious, politely terminate the call and get in touch with a lawyer immediately. Grand dads and Step dads are particularly at risk for being falsely accused. Everyone always tends to believe the accuser but in my experience, half the time, there is no basis whatsoever for the accusation. Do not think that this will simply go away or think you can talk your way out of a problem. You have heard the term “lawyer up” on television. It really is in your best interest to do so. There is no shame in hiring a lawyer and it may be the best decision you ever make. The simple truth is that many sex allegations are simply fabricated by children and young adults who in some instances have convinced themselves that something happened.

As a sex crime attorney, I see this over and over. Do not be lulled into making something they will later claim is an admission. Shut up and lawyer up.


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